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n. pl. flam·beaux (-bōz′) or flam·beaus
1. A lighted torch.
2. A large ornamental candlestick.

[French, from Old French, from flambe, flame; see flame.]


n, pl -beaux (-bəʊ; -bəʊz) or -beaus
1. a burning torch, as used in night processions
2. (Furniture) a large ornamental candlestick
[C17: from Old French: torch, literally: a little flame, from flambe flame]


(ˈflæm boʊ)

n., pl. -beaux (-bōz), -beaus.
1. a flaming torch.
2. a large ornamental candlestick.
[1625–35; < French: torch]
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Noun1.flambeau - a flaming torch (such as are used in processions at night)
torch - a light usually carried in the hand; consists of some flammable substance
References in classic literature ?
were rigidly ranked, until a tall shadow fell across the table, and his friend Flambeau sat down opposite.
It may be psychologically possible," answered Flambeau, "and it certainly would explain Dreyfus being certain he was wronged and his judges being sure he was guilty.
In the stillness Flambeau shifted his seat sharply--making an isolated and echoing noise-- and threw his elbow over the angle of it.
Anyhow," cried Flambeau impatiently, "he's not a patch on my principal; and I shall go through with it.
Probably he would travel as some minor clerk or secretary connected with it; but, of course, Valentin could not be certain; nobody could be certain about Flambeau.
But in his best days (I mean, of course, his worst) Flambeau was a figure as statuesque and international as the Kaiser.
But to whomever he talked, Valentin kept his eye open for someone else; he looked out steadily for anyone, rich or poor, male or female, who was well up to six feet; for Flambeau was four inches above it.
Additional sconces were set in various parts of the hall, out of the war, and a flambeau, emitting sweet odor, was placed in the right hand of each of the Caryaides [Caryatides] that stood against the wall -- some fifty or sixty altogether.
Here, scrambling over the heads of the crowd, he managed to get to the wall; when, seizing a flambeau from one of the Caryatides, he returned, as he went, to the centre of the room-leaping, with the agility of a monkey, upon the kings head, and thence clambered a few feet up the chain; holding down the torch to examine the group of ourang-outangs, and still screaming: "I shall soon find out who they are
Here, pretending to scrutinize the king more closely, he held the flambeau to the flaxen coat which enveloped him, and which instantly burst into a sheet of vivid flame.
Up the broad flight of shallow steps, Monsieur the Marquis, flambeau preceded, went from his carriage, sufficiently disturbing the darkness to elicit loud remonstrance from an owl in the roof of the great pile of stable building away among the trees.
Immediately the alderman, clothed in their cloth robes and preceded by six sergeants, each holding a FLAMBEAU in his hand, went to attend upon the king, whom they met on the steps, where the provost of the merchants made him the speech of welcome--a compliment to which his Majesty replied with an apology for coming so late, laying the blame upon the cardinal, who had detained him till eleven o'clock, talking of affairs of state.