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1. Given to or marked by elaborate, ostentatious, or audacious display or behavior. See Synonyms at showy.
2. Richly or brightly colored; resplendent: a flamboyant turban.
3. Of, relating to, or having wavy lines and flamelike forms characteristic of 15th- and 16th-century French Gothic architecture.

[French, from Old French, present participle of flamboyer, to blaze, from flambe, flame; see flame.]

flam·boy′ance, flam·boy′an·cy n.
flam·boy′ant·ly adv.
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(flæmˈbɔɪ əns)
showiness; ornateness.
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Noun1.flamboyance - extravagant elaborateness; "he wrote with great flamboyance"
elaborateness, ornateness - an ornate appearance; being elaborately (even excessively) decorated
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noun showiness, show, style, dash, sparkle, chic, flair, verve, swagger, extravagance, panache, pomp, glitz (informal), élan, bravura, swank (informal), theatricality, exhibitionism, brio, ostentation, stylishness, flashiness, flamboyancy, floridity, pizzazz or pizazz (informal) He was his usual mixture of flamboyance and flair.
restraint, simplicity, dullness, flatness, drabness, unobtrusiveness
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[flæmˈbɔɪəns] N [of person, behaviour] → extravagancia f; [of clothes, colour] → vistosidad f, lo llamativo
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[flæmˈbɔɪəns] nextravagance f
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nExtravaganz f; (of lifestyle also)Üppigkeit f
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[flæmˈbɔɪəns] n (of person, style) → stravaganza
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(flӕmˈboiənt) adjective
intended to attract notice. flamboyant clothes.
flamˈboyance noun
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His flamboyance was extinguished; and in neat, commonplace, shabby clothes he hurried, a subdued, unassuming little man, through the departments as though anxious to escape notice.
MAX FAULKNER was a colourful character., who wore bright clothes and carried an air of flamboyance that many envied.
A spectacular Summer Parade celebrated South Tyneside Festival in style on Saturday with flamboyance, feathers and fantasy.
Directed by Dexter Fletcher with tremendous flair and flamboyance this is a foot tapping riot of music and dance reflecting the flamboyance of Elton that masked the vulnerable shy little boy inside.
Dynasty by Sana Safinaz delved into timelessness and old Holywood glamour with pure silk-crafted noisy prints and solid in flapper pants, balloon sleeves as well as pleated tight short skirts, all very divaesque and screaming and oozing pomp, glamour and flamboyance. A triumph hands down.
And even Roberto Mancini, for all his flamboyance as a player, used to regard that scoreline as a thing of beauty, an economy of both defence and attack coming together.
Just last month the zoo celebrated the arrival of nine Chilean flamingo chicks, which joined the 86-strong flamboyance.
Through this anthem, its highly successful biscuit brand, Peek Freans Chocolicious, has shown that football is less about the flair and flamboyance normally associated with high profile games and more about the sheer enthusiasm and zeal that people have for the game.
These cars, known for not only flamboyance, are also some of the best crafted cars in the world.
He is said to have rejected the corporate flamboyance of his predecessors, preferring scheduled flights to private jets.
After winning over TV audiences as Simon Templar in The Saint, he brought a flamboyance and suaveness to his most famous character, James Bond.
Combined with his flamboyance and skills as Iron Man, he wins my vote hands down," Taapsee said.