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1. On fire; ablaze.
2. Resembling a flame in brilliance, color, or form: flaming autumn leaves.
3. Intense; ardent: flaming passions.
4. Informal Used as an intensive: a flaming liberal.

flam′ing·ly adv.
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Smith, on the other hand, is flamingly ignorant, and that ignorance is breathtaking.
In fact, his first starring role in the movies was as the flamingly gay Jill in 'Jack and Jill,' opposite the 'tomboy' portrayed by Lolita Rodriguez.
Meanwhile, of course, Jackson was a woman during America's flamingly sexist midcentury, who managed to be a devoted wife, loving mother, and famous writer--all at the same time.
The prime minister would do well to start sounding out political leadership across the spectrum on how to secure the political and economic rights of the Baloch natives in the area fully and settle the issue to the natives ' satisfaction before it turns flamingly explosive.