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New Crescent JOBOX Flammable Storage Cabinets organize, secure and protect flammable liquids from fire.
Tests found that appliances with plastic backing can be extremely flammable and will emit black toxic smoke if they catch fire.
CONSUMERS have been urged to avoid buying flammable plastic-backed fridges and freezers as new tests that ban their manufacture come into force.
They are the first to accurately detect, quantify and classify a broad range of flammable or explosive gases using a single calibration.
The amendments - which were given the green light by parliament's foreign affairs, defence and national security committee - punish anyone who manufactures explosives and flammable containers such as Molotov cocktails, either for their personal use or for terrorism, with up to 10 years in prison and a fine between BD500 and BD1,000.
Dhaka: Hundreds of containers and packs of flammable chemicals were found in the basement of the building in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka that caught fire and claimed at least 67 lives, an official said on Friday.
On Friday, authorities have confiscated three bladed weapons, three flammable materials and three other items from visitors.
Flammable materials are abundant on every farm and homestead.
The plans have been met with a lukewarm welcome from some in Manchester, however, where residents of private blocks are still facing huge bills to have flammable material removed from their apartments though no fault of their own.
KARACHI -- An oil tanker driver received severe burn injuries when unknown miscreant set his oil tanker truck on fire with flammable substance at Kathore on Superhighway on Friday.
Petrol is highly flammable while diesel does not release a large amount of flammable vapour which could lead to an explosion.