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What had first called my attention to her, was my stepping on an outlying flange of her foot, and hearing, from up toward the ceiling, a deep "Pardon, m'sieu, but you encroach
The shovel fell from my hand across the box,and as I pulled it away the flange of the blade caught the edge of the lid which fell over again, and hid the horrid thing from my sight.
Baloo looked up to see where the voice came from, and there was Rann the Kite, sweeping down with the sun shining on the upturned flanges of his wings.
The amounts of flange fabric and binding fabric for Jukebox are given in the materials list on page 11.
Rim of the guiding wheel has a standard shape of flange on the perimeter.
Insert fabric, cording, rickrack or trim between the flange and the sham for extra color.
The backup wrench usually pushes against another nut or the flange with the full force of the tightening torque.
The TM procedure Tail Gear Box Input Seat, Plug Seat and Flange requires us to use a torque reactor and a special socket.
Because the distance from the sensor to the sloping surface of the tapered flange is less than the master reference point, reversal is not triggered until the spool flange edge is detected.
Itprovides effective spray control on most flange configurations, round, oval orsquare and regardless of the flange gap, the internal stainless mesh adapts accordingly.
A new type of TUV approved stainless steel spray guard which provides effective protection from dangerous spray-outs of fuel oils such as kerosene, diesel and other flammable liquids from pipes and flanges, has recently been introduced by level and flow specialists Allison Engineering.