flank steak

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Noun1.flank steak - a cut of beef from the flank of the animal
flank - a cut from the fleshy part of an animal's side between the ribs and the leg
beefsteak - a beef steak usually cooked by broiling
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Aside from adobo, Gamboa's specialties include bacalao, tapadera (roast beef), ropa vieja (shredded flank steak), lengua, lumpiang ubod, lasagna and carbonara, to name a few.
These choice dishes have been joined by new options including Keto Taco Salad, Salmon Poke Bowl, Prawn Laksa, Cast Iron Flank Steak and Ice Kecang.
If you know your way around cuts of meat, you might balk at the initial directions here to first slice this flank steak with the grain.
CHEF DINNER Allow the chefs to craft a private, wine-paired dinner just for you featuring dishes like foraged-mushroom tartine and Texas wagyu flank steak.
Into the afternoon and evening the menu changes to more of a bistro menu that features small plates such as buttermilk fried squid, Korean chicken tenders, salt and pepper flank steak and red onion bhaji burger.
There was flank steak passed around as well, covered in bell peppers, which I assumed were to hide the mediocrity of the meat.
Please include your dinner selection--chicken marsala or flank steak (prepared medium well).
Grilled Flank Steak with Southwest Corn and Grape Salad is guaranteed to please the senses with its tasty flavours; beautiful colour medley from red and green grapes, avocado and corn; and variety of pleasing textures.
Donna Brunswick drove to a Costco last month to pick up 2 pounds of raw flank steak not at the wholesale club, but from a truck in the parking lot.
Photos courtesy of Mo Bistro The second main course we had was the Flank Steak which was quite frankly the star of the night.
Summer Cooking with Tasty n Sons will feature Portland chefs Erin Connell and Patrick Dougherty for an Asian-inspired menu, which includes Vietnamese Chicken Meatballs, Banh Mi Sandwiches with pickled daikon and carrot and Grilled Flank Steak Salad with fresh herbs and peanuts.