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1. A cut of meat taken from the short ribs of beef.
2. A dish prepared from this cut of beef by boiling or stewing, often served with horseradish.

[Yiddish, from German, pl. of Flanke, flank, side, from French flanc, from Old French; see flank.]


(ˈflæŋkən; ˈflɑːŋkən)
(Cookery) a dish made from this cut of beef


(ˈflɑŋ kən)

a strip of meat from the front end of the short ribs of beef, often boiled and served with horseradish.
[1945–50; < Yiddish, pl. of flank (< German) < French or Old French; see flank]
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In the "old country," when people wanted something special for Friday night or holidays, they braised flanken, what many of us now call short ribs.
"For example, roasts in the summer, upgrading trim to value-added products such as taco meat and cross merchandising to create more innovative and exciting products for the service case such as Kalbi marinated flanken style ribs and teriyaki marinated flank steaks," he says.
Short ribs can be butchered three ways: English, flanken or boneless.