flap down

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Verb1.flap down - throw violently; "He slammed the book on the table"
throw - propel through the air; "throw a frisbee"
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In the bottom of his heart each prayed that they might come safely through just this night, for they knew that during the morrow they would make the final stretch, yet the nerves of each were taut with strained anticipation of what gruesome thing might flap down upon them from the black sky, marking another for its own.
At one time it would be Ikki the Porcupine, full of news of good feed just a little farther on; at another Mang would cry cheerily and flap down a glade to show it was all empty; or Baloo, his mouth full of roots, would shamble alongside a wavering line and half frighten, half romp it clumsily back to the proper road.
Everyday they flap down south to eat intestines of surprised cassava farmers.
Add some extra melted butter to stick the flap down. 4.
Because of its tautness, the collar could either stand up to lengthen the neck, or flap down to cover a flat or heavy bosom.
Carefully insert iron inside purse, fusing this flap down. Repeat for remaining seam.
"And this is exactly what the Pharaoh's mummy looked like, kind of." Show it around, then put it into the back section of the envelope, mummy-side down, and fold the top flap down. Set the packing crate envelope on the table.
And what's more beautiful than a cartoonish fluttering of butterflies as they flap down to rest on owers, the long spikes of buddleia flowers, which are now dotting the landscape, hungrily feeding on the sweet nectar?
I put the petrol cap on and when I went to put the flap down, it wouldn't shut properly.