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v. flared, flar·ing, flares
1. To flame up with a bright, wavering light.
2. To burst into intense, sudden flame.
a. To erupt or intensify suddenly: Tempers flared at the meeting. His allergies flared up.
b. To become suddenly angry. Used with up: He flared up when she alluded to his financial difficulties.
c. To make a sudden angry verbal attack. Used with out: flared out at his accusers.
4. To expand or open outward in shape: a skirt that flares from the waist; nostrils that flared with anger.
1. To cause to flame up.
2. To signal with a blaze of light.
1. A brief wavering blaze of light.
2. A device that produces a bright light for signaling, illumination, or identification.
3. An outbreak, as of emotion or activity.
4. An expanding or opening outward.
5. An unwanted reflection within an optical system or the resultant fogging of the image.
6. A solar flare.
a. Football A short pass to a back running toward the sideline.
b. Baseball A fly ball hit a short distance into the outfield.
8. Medicine
a. An area of redness on the skin surrounding the primary site of infection or irritation.
b. A sudden worsening of the symptoms of a disease or condition: treating an arthritis flare.

[Origin unknown.]
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Adj.1.flaring - streaming or flapping or spreading wide as if in a current of air; "ran quickly, her flaring coat behind her"; "flags aflare in the breeze"
moving - in motion; "a constantly moving crowd"; "the moving parts of the machine"
References in classic literature ?
A LAMP, soaked with too much oil and flaring brightly, boasted that it gave more light than the sun.
"It's not at all from friendship," declared Nicholas, flaring up and turning away as if from a shameful aspersion.
Then they rushed in, waving the flaring torches and with assegais aloft.
Many times had Tarzan seen Mbonga's black raiding parties return from the northward with prisoners, and always were the same scenes enacted about that grim stake, beneath the flaring light of many fires.
It was quite invisible in the flaring lights of the camp fires.
He lighted the candle from the flaring match with great deliberation, and dropped the match, and trod it out.
I held it flaring, and saw the white backs of the Morlocks in flight amid the trees.
NGOs and other concerned groups were urged to jointly sign a well-articulated protest document to the Federal Government to stop gas flaring in the country once and for all.
It meant that while flaring from the LDPE plant was relatively short-lived, the Olefins flaring continued for most of the day.
Dolphin Energy also achieved significant reduction in flaring at its Dolphin project, which involves the production and processing of natural gas from Qatar's North Field, and transportation of the dry gas by sub-sea export pipeline to the UAE.
Iran has long been one of the most wasteful oil producers in terms on flaring.
Qatar's support and concrete contributions to minimising emissions from gas flaring are critical actions to help limit global warming." Over the past few years, the Government of Qatar, at the highest levels, has been proactive in reducing gas flaring within a context of dramatic increase in its oil and gas production.