flash bulb

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or flash bulb  (flăsh′bŭlb′)
A glass bulb filled with finely shredded aluminum or magnesium foil that is ignited by electricity to produce a short-duration high-intensity light flash for taking photographs. Also called photoflash.
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Flash bulb

A glass bulb containing a fine metal filament (usually magnesium) that could be ignited electrically to give a brief, intense flash of light for exposing photographic film.
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Noun1.Flash bulb - a lamp for providing momentary light to take a photographflash bulb - a lamp for providing momentary light to take a photograph
flash camera - a camera with a photoflash attachment
lamp - an artificial source of visible illumination
photographic equipment - equipment used by a photographer
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Another remembers Flash Bulb turning up here around the same time that he finished second to the immortal Flyingbolt in the 1966 Champion Chase, but there's no suggestion it was a betting heat of note.
From the late 1920s, as the flash bulb began to contain and control the violence of the burst of light, its usage expanded rapidly, especially in photojournalism, and then even more with the flashcube in the 1960s.
Five women, frozen by a Sylvania flash bulb, their corsages turned pure white by the explosion of light.
The American public has the attention span of a flash bulb and little regard for history.
In poems like "Birthing," the spirit takes form, "I am not me, yet./I am just an understanding." Eady continues to delve into the mind and body of this imagined black man who stalks and preys on white women and their children in poems like "My Heart," "My Face" and "Press Conference" where he lurks just behind the screen of Smith's lie and reports, like an entry to a travel diary: "And this is my life now./I am a faint hum behind/The sensation, the blur of doubt/At the corner of the flash bulb."
Flyingbolt was a 1-5 chance in a field of six for the Champion Chase and won in a canter by 15 lengths from Flash Bulb, a high-class chaser in his own right.
He said he thought he saw Mr Farrell's flash bulb go off between 10 and 15 times, adding: "It was a fair amount, but I wouldn't call it excessive."
Solar flares act like a flash bulb, giving added illumination and allowing C1XS to 'see' more elements.
Over the coming years, photography became ever more popular with the invention of the modern flash bulb, in 1927, Kodachrome in 1935 and Kodacolour six years later.
In a step-by-step account, the agent is seen building and detonating the device, which normally contained 10-12lbs of explosives and was triggered by a flash bulb from a standard camera.
With notes of pink pepper, strawberry, tuberose, jasmine, white lily, heliotrope and white woods, it is packed in a crystal faceted bottle designed to be "reminiscent of a paparazzi flash bulb".
The second-greatest steeplechaser of all time started 1-5 favourite and cantered home 15 lengths clear of Flash Bulb. The very next day he came third in the Champion Hurdle.