flash butt welding

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Noun1.flash butt welding - butt welding by creating an electric arc between the two pieces which melts and joins them; used for joining segments of metal pipe
butt welding, butt-welding - creating a butt joint by welding
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Tenders are invited for Welding of 90UTS 60Kg/52Kg Rails in situ or in depot or at location decided by Railways Representative by using contractor%s own mobile Flash butt welding plant on running/non running lines or on cess of consolidated formation or on ballast bed in the projrct area in connection with NMX-GUZ BG Doubling project.
Tenders are invited for Flash Butt Welding of 52 kg (90772 UTS) rails/rail panels including USFD testing of welded joints conforming to IR Manual for Flash Butt Welding using Contractor%s set propelled Rail-cum-road Mobile FBW Plants between km 378/100 to km 739(760 in the jurisdiction of Regional Engineer, Karwar, Konkan Railway
Tenders Are Invited For Flash Butt Welding Of 52 Kg (90/72 Uts) Rails/Rail Panels Including Usfd Testing Of Welded Joints Co
10 The Supply Shall Be Made In Four Lengths Maximum To Complete The Quantity, 11 The Material Shall Be Delivered At Flash Butt Welding Plant, Arakkonam 12 The Chain Shall Be Supplied With Test Certificate Complying Is Specification.