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flash flood

also flash·flood (flăsh′flŭd′)
A sudden flood of great volume, usually caused by heavy rain.
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Noun1.flashflood - a sudden local flood of great volume and short durationflashflood - a sudden local flood of great volume and short duration
flood, inundation, alluvion, deluge - the rising of a body of water and its overflowing onto normally dry land; "plains fertilized by annual inundations"
floodhead - a wall of water rushing ahead of the flood; "we were lucky to be safe when the floodheads hit"
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Lanao del Norte was the hardest-hit by Vinta in terms of casualties over the weekend with least 127 people killed as a result of flashflood and landslides.
In its forecast, it said that the region might receive heavy rains which could cause flashflood.
Dera Bugti, Kalat and other upper areas of the province on Tuesday, continued on Wednesday causing flashflood in nullahs and streams and inundating low lying areas.
In South Cotabato, the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office (PSWDO) reported that a flashflood occurred on October 9 due to heavy rains which affected three barangays in the City.
MANyLA (CyHAN)- At least seven people died and two others were missing after a flashflood occurred Tuesday due to heavy rain in southern Philippine province of Bukidnon, the state disaster agency confirmed Thursday.
The study details ways to prevent dangers of flashflood from the districts, located east of Al Haramain Expressway, whose poor drainage system was mainly responsible for turning November 25's flashflood into a catastrophe.
Radio station Bombo Radyo reported that several houses in Gingoog had been washed away by the flashflood.
The play's duration--like a flashflood or summer squall--will be a mere 85 minutes.
Isotonic, preserved and pH balanced, Eyesaline solution in the FlashFlood delivery system offers immediate, hands-free eye flushing and is portable to meet a variety of workplace hazard needs.
More than 500 houses were also damaged in the entire region, according to Galvez, most of them due to the flashflood that swept several towns in Zamboanga del Norte.
QUETTA -- Deputy Commissioner Lasbela Office has said that Karachi-Quetta traffic via Lasbela had been affected for heavy traffic after Linda Bridge on National Highway in Lasbela had been affected due to heavy rains and flashflood.
They told this correspondent on Friday that last year flashflood in rainy water courses during monsoon season had damaged a portion of graveyard.