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Noun1.flat panel display - a type of video display that is thin and flat; commonly used in laptop computers
video display, display - an electronic device that represents information in visual form
portable computer - a personal computer that can easily be carried by hand
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The JVC TM-21A2U Flat CRT Color Monitor has superb color reproduction and clear visibility right to the corners of the flat screen.
The Black Belt series consists of a $6,800 42-inch plasma HDTV with integrated ATSC tuner; a $5,100 46-inch plasma EDTV, also with built-in digital tuner; a 42-inch plasma EDTV at $4,250; five LCD televisions ranging from 15- to 40-inch screen sizes; and a 20-, 24-, 27- and 32-inch flat CRT television.
flat CRT, LCD and plasma--then we can have a conversation that will last for days.
A new desktop line from Apple designed specifically for education includes a 17-inch flat CRT display and a 700 MHz PowerPC G4 processor in a design that is 8 mm less deep than the original 15-inch iMac.
The flat CRT display offers Sony's Emmy award-winning Trinitron display technology which produces bright and clear images while reducing reflections and glare.
The two models feature a 17-inch flat CRT and 700 MHz PowerPC G4 processor in a compact design that is 8 mm less deep than the original 15-inch iMac.
We have a 22-inch flat CRT that is very popular among professionals doing web pages," Vizcaino says.
Apple has also unveiled its Cinema Display, a new 22" LCD flat panel that the company says is the largest LCD flat panel display ever brought to market, offering the same viewing area as a 24" flat CRT display.