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Noun1.flat bench - a bench on which a weightlifter lies to do exercises
bench - a long seat for more than one person
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| Spruce up an old cupboard by making it into seating space - all you need is a flat bench cushion.
The base of my rifle cradle is a long piece of 1x8 pine that is made to sit on a flat bench. I screwed a short piece of thin angle iron onto the bottom and now I can rotate my cradle to position the gun I am working on in nearly any direction needed by rotating the vise and locking it down.
Saeterbakken and Fimland (11) reported greater load during 6RM for the bench press on the SS and higher EMG activation of the pectoralis major and triceps brachii muscles on the flat bench, which revealed that the increased instability on the Swiss ball did not require greater muscle activation during the exercise (but a higher total load was lifted by subjects on the SS).
Do some research on which moves target your muscles and try out variations of those, for instance - an incline bench press is better than a flat bench press.
The whole assembly is held together with cords, which when the bench is assembled join the rings to hooks on the underneath of the flat bench. Tulipwood was chosen for its high strength and light weight.
Do all your assembly work on a flat bench top or floor area in your garage or shop.
Mitsubishi are especially proud of the rear accommodation, which uses a proper seat as opposed to a flat bench, and there's lots of room.
It feels a lot larger than the Golf estate,especially with the width of the cabin,and there are three proper individual seats in the middle row, rather than just a flat bench.
Muscles Used: Latissimus Dorsi Techn i que: Start with your right foot flat on the floor and your left knee resting on a flat bench or chair.
Flat bench press for chest, shoulders, and triceps.