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Noun1.flat solid - a flat artifact that is thin relative to its length and width
artefact, artifact - a man-made object taken as a whole
blackboard, chalkboard - sheet of slate; for writing with chalk
blank - a piece of material ready to be made into something
board - a flat piece of material designed for a special purpose; "he nailed boards across the windows"
plastic film, film - a thin sheet of (usually plastic and usually transparent) material used to wrap or cover things
laminate - a sheet of material made by bonding two or more sheets or layers
membrane - a thin pliable sheet of material
panel - sheet that forms a distinct (usually flat and rectangular) section or component of something
plate - a sheet of metal or wood or glass or plastic
photographic plate, plate - a flat sheet of metal or glass on which a photographic image can be recorded
plate glass, sheet glass - glass formed into large thin sheets
sheet metal - sheet of metal formed into a thin plate
stencil - a sheet of material (metal, plastic, cardboard, waxed paper, silk, etc.) that has been perforated with a pattern (printing or a design); ink or paint can pass through the perforations to create the printed pattern on the surface below
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The case was decided last year by Idaho District Judge Gregory Moeller, declaring that a new, flat solid waste fee issued to every parcel in the county was illegal and invalid.
Tenders are invited for Design, Manufacturing, Testing, Supply, and Delivery of ISI marked, weather proof, unarmoured PVC insulated PVC Sheathed Aluminium conductor cable, twin flat solid confirming to IS694 2010, with latest upto date amendment - 2x10mm2
Like my grandfather I enjoy the flat solid structure of Welsh cottages sometimes 'plonked' in what may seem to be the middle of nowhere or straddling a lane and field.
In the 1920 section, there were flat solid walking boots, delicate silk evening shoes and leather walking shoes with thick heels.