flat tire

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Noun1.flat tire - a deflated pneumatic tireflat tire - a deflated pneumatic tire    
pneumatic tire, pneumatic tyre - a tire made of reinforced rubber and filled with compressed air; used on motor vehicles and bicycles etc
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Cops helping a group of motorists fix their flat tire found shabu inside the vehicle and arrested three people for possession of illegal drugs in Lucena City, police said Tuesday.
After using the new system to fix his flat tire, one satisfied customer exclaimed "This stuff is fantastic.
From getting a flat tire to fluid leakage, know what to look for after a car hits a pothole.
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Motor Vehicle Towing And Flat Tire Replacement Services For A Period Of Three (3) Years With Two (2) One (1) Year Options
As I drove up Hooksett Road, I suddenly heard an obnoxious thumping that could only mean I had a flat tire.
If you didn't notice a flat tire in pre-flight, how would you know you had one, since it wouldn't appear flat without weight on it, assuming you could see it while airborne in the first 1, place?
A Hollywood short film from 1929 SO these four flappers get a flat tire next to the beach--what to do but shrug off a few pounds of cloth and go skinny-dipping--which, in 1929, means splashing about in underwear layered like a nun's habit.
Evangelidis' response to the story of his flat tire - if you want to call it a story - was refreshing.
They offer a free pump service where bikers can come in to fill up a flat tire.
The final page teaches young readers how to fix a flat tire on a bicycle, with help from an adult.
The vehicle's owner, Matt Kennedy, said he got a flat tire before he hit the replacement bridge over the Willamette River just north of the Glenwood interchange.
Social Security, in my view, is like a car with a flat tire.