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Noun1.flat wash - ironing that can be done mechanically
ironing - garments (clothes or linens) that are to be (or have been) ironed; "there was a basketful of ironing to do"
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But once done, the sky was simple, involving a wash of well-watered ultramarine blue applied to dampened paper with my 11/2ins flat wash brush.
The controversial video broadcast by Geo TV depicted the lavish wedding ceremony of Veena Malik with a vulgar display of opulence and wealth, in sharp contrast with the dowry presented to Hazrat Fatima ul Zahra, which comprised a large scarf for four Dirham, material for a dress for seven Dirham, a bed made of wood and leaves from a date palm, four pillows made from sheep skin and filled with leaves from an aromatic plant, a woolen curtain, a small mat, one hand mill, a leathern sac for water, one copper flat wash, a container for milking the Camel, and a pitcher made from clay.
The goal of the competition was to upgrade the site's existing floodlighting scheme, which used high-power projector lights and provided a flat wash across the buildings with no differentiation between each building's architectural features.
Painted on limestone using pigments made from charcoal, ochre and hematite (a principal form of iron ore, producing red tones), the Paleolithic artists used outline and flat wash to create images of stunning realism.
More for daytime wear but Gap also stock the Sexy Boot in a dark flat wash which would work great for the evening.
The paintings were completed using the wet on wet, dry brush, graded, and flat wash techniques.
After the outline drawing I popped on a sky wash with my 11/2ins flat wash brush - cobalt blue getting progressively weaker from the top and then a little yellow ochre mixed with light red at the bottom.
Wet washes on dry paper, including the use of flat wash, graduated wash and back wash, are next illustrated.
I started by putting on the sky, using my 11/2ins flat wash brush to apply a mix of cobalt blue and titanium white, making it slightly lighter toward the bottom with the addition of more white.
Basic techniques are described in detail: a flat wash, graded wash, dry wash, wet-in-wet wash.