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Adj.1.flat-bellied - lacking a prominent bellyflat-bellied - lacking a prominent belly    
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As I was taking a closer look at Shane Warne's statue, an Australian fan standing nearby remarked: "When it was unveiled he looked exactly like that -- but now he has an earring and is flat-bellied. Thanks to his hundreds of female admirers, he works hard on his fitness and looks fitter than in his playing days!"
"My office (as regional commander) has the power to dismiss police officers found guilty of administrative offenses," the ramrod straight, flat-bellied police general said.
WHEN STEVE LOWERY OVERCAME Vijay Singh and other big names to win the AT&T Classic at Pebble Beach Last month, it made an impression on veteran players such as Glen Day who have to contend weekly with flat-bellied 20-somethings, not to mention the flat-bellied 32-year-old Tiger Woods, who wins every time out now.
But the compensation, hopelessly inadequate though it may be, is that you acquire a veneer of wisdom out of the reach of flat-bellied 20-somethings.