flat-plate collector

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flat′-plate` collec′tor

a type of solar collector consisting of a series of flat glass plates that absorb solar energy.
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The product or the solar thermal heating is disintegrated by flat-plate collector type and evacuated tube collector type.
Analytical predictions of liquid and air photovoltaic/thermal, flat-plate collector performance.
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* By using ZnO/water nanofluid the flat-plate collector efficiency increased in that of water by 7.03% at 0.
Juli New Energy is a professional high-tech enterprise in R&D, manufacturing, selling of crystalline silicon, silicon wafer, crystalline silicon solar cells, solar modules, and investing, developing and operating of PV power plant, and production, design construction of flat-plate collector and solar thermal system.
For a flat-plate solar-thermal collector the efficiency rises to 50% and for a Frensel concentrating flat-plate collector the efficiency is upwards of 65%.
The system was designed to deliver 10.5 kW of cooling with 80 [m.sup.2] of flat-plate collector tilted 22[degrees] from the horizontal and a 4 [m.sup.3] hot-water storage tank.
The system stores solar energy using flat-plate collector, evacuated tube collector, and unglazed water collector and the process saves energy bills.
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According to his report, a thermosyphon system suitable for Mali consists of one flat-plate collector panel 1.35[m.sup.2] in aperture area and a 150L hot water cylinder.
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