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Adj.1.flat-top - having a flat or flattened upper surface
topped - having a top of a specified character
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* The newest member of Flint Group's family of flat-top dot plates, the nyloflex FTH digital plate, provides greater versatility for meeting the highest standards in flexible packaging printing.
Comansa, a leading manufacturer of tower cranes for construction, has announced the upgrade of its two flat-top tower cranes - 21LC660 and 21LC750.
Tower crane manufacturer Linden Comansa will exhibit a 12t flat-top model at the Big 5 Heavy expo in Dubai along with its UAE distributor Aremates.
Liebherr will also unveil the successor to its 172 EC-B 8 Litronic flat-top crane at Intermat 2018.
You always want a flat-top heating surface to get that perfect crust on the burger.
My first single action was a .22 Ruger Flatgate Single-Six which was soon followed by a 1900's-era Colt .38-40 SAA, and then my first new centerfire single action, Ruger's 4 5/8" Flat-Top Blackhawk.
Q I have seen several examples of flat-top checkering, mostly on European guns.
The improvements include: upgrading two existing 'give way' junctions near the high school; re-locating an existing 'give way' moving it closer to Greenside Infant School; installing three flat-top road humps at the priority give ways; and adding new 'keep clear' markings, double yellow lines and new signs.
A method of projection to synthesize reconfigurable array antennas with asymmetrical pencil and flat-top beam patterns using common amplitude and varying phase distributions was proposed by Bucci et al.
Linden Comansa recently began offering its clients a new series of high-capacity, flat-top tower cranes, the LC3000.
The fourth term of second summation in Equation (4) is the ripple parameters for the flat-top beam of second case.