(flăt′wô′tər, -wŏt′ər)
Of or on a level or slow-moving watercourse: flat-water canoeing; a flat-water race.
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The color newspaper photo shows him paddling with Xiao Li, a female member of the Chinese national flat-water kayak team who didn't know how to "roll" her kayak until Winn's group showed her how.
That's partly because public pools are changing from the traditional flat-water pools and must be cared for differently than in the past.
Much longer and sleeker than play boats like the Hula, general touring sit-on-tops such as the Necky Dolphin are designed for flat-water cruising on lakes and protected bays.
Other chapters review the various boats used by east coast lobstermen, Chesapeake bay watermen, commercial and sport hunters of waterfowl, flat-water sail boats (sharpies for oystering, catboats, etc.) and a variety of others, i.e., skiffs, dinghys, dorys, and rowboats.
SaturdayAaand Sunday, the idyllic Lake Maggiore, situated on the border between Italy and Switzerland, adds another breathtaking venue to the Class 1 calendar with two flat-water races expected on the calm surface.
The flat-water canoe trail twists and turns from Holland Pond to East Brimfield Lake on the Quinebaug River.
* E&A broadens its impact on water safety by working with the National Recreation and Park Association and the National Safety Council to include flat-water parks and facilities in its training program.
A flat-water basin is ideal for learning to kayak or for open-water swimming.
In "Take a Paddle Finger Lakes: Quiet Water for Canoes and Kayaks in New York's Finger Lakes" they have created is a thoroughly 'user friendly' map-filled guide for beginning and intermediate paddlers, as well as anyone else who enjoys the unique pleasures of flat-water paddling.
A flat-water race can be hard to be number one, but with rough conditions, we can push the boat to the max and up to the podium."