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1. An open truck bed or trailer with no sides, used to carry large objects such as heavy machinery or materials.
2. A railroad flatcar.
3. A wide, flat surface onto which a sheet of paper or other material is placed for printing or scanning.

flat′bed′ adj.


1. (Automotive Engineering) a flat carrying area on a truck, trailer, etc
2. (Automotive Engineering) short for flatbed lorry



a truck or trailer having an open body in the form of a platform without sides or stakes. Also called flat′bed trail′er, flat′bed truck′.
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Noun1.flatbed - freight car without permanent sides or roofflatbed - freight car without permanent sides or roof
freight car - a railway car that carries freight
2.flatbed - an open truck bed or trailer with no sides; used to carry large heavy objects
truck bed - the floor or bottom of a wagon or truck or trailer


[ˈflætbɛd] flatbed truck (mainly US) flatbed lorry (British) ncamion m à plateauflatbed scanner nscanner m à platflat cap n (British)casquette fflat-chested [ˌflætˈtʃɛstɪd] adj
She is flat-chested → Elle n'a pas de poitrine.flat feet npl
to have flat feet → avoir les pieds plats
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(NASDAQ: DSKE), the largest flatbed, specialized transportation and logistics solutions company in North America, lowered its full-year 2019 outlook specifically citing worse than expected results in its flatbed division.
Contract notice: delivery of 5 commercial vehicles (3 flatbed trucks, 2 vans)
Hong Kong is five hours ahead of Bahrain (four hours ahead of Dubai), but thanks to Cathay Pacific's flatbed, and the excitement of being in Hong Kong, we felt no jet lag.
The company has a fleet of Vacuum Equipment and Flatbed Trucks have used in the oil and gas industry and an equipment rental business, including Frac tanks, pulling units maned by skilled crews
The large flatbed surface, fast scanning speeds and ultra-flexible design makes the Contex IQ FLEX the perfect solution for a demanding user such as NCAP.
A man has been left with serious injuries to his legs and pelvis after a crash involving a flatbed truck and a lorry on the M6.
Addison, Texas-based Daseke, Inc., a provider of flatbed, specialized transportation and logistics services, said that it acquired Memphis-based Builders Transportation Co., a steel, aluminum and metal products carrier.
14 August 2018 - Oregon, US-based utility poles carrier Leavitt's Freight Service has merged with Oregon, US-based Central Oregon Truck Company, a member of the Daseke family of flatbed and specialised carriers, the companies said.
The new technical standards require the recovery vehicles to have reflective stickers on all sides of the vehicle's body, while 70 per cent of the flatbed surface of the vehicle must be within the rear axle point.
The 6000 Series Flatbed has optional equipment that includes removable side rails, chrome handle, and mud flaps, as well as under-the-deck and on-top-of the-deck tool boxes.
A spokesman said: "When crews arrived they found a commercial van that had been pulling a trailer had collided with the back of a flatbed recovery vehicle that had stopped to pick up a car.
Great Bend, KS, September 09, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Straight off of their highly successful industry introduction of a new coil haul (well design type) trailer, which made its debut at the 2016 MATS Show; Doonan[R] Specialized Trailer, LLC has designed and manufactured a new 'Series 2' V-channel trough flatbed coil haul trailer for special loading applications where coils cannot be transferred into and from a recessed trailer well, but still require safe securement on the flatbed.