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A railroad freight car without sides or a roof.


(Railways) US a railroad car without raised sides or ends



a railroad car consisting of a platform without sides or top.
[1860–65, Amer.]
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Noun1.flatcar - freight car without permanent sides or roofflatcar - freight car without permanent sides or roof
freight car - a railway car that carries freight
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It is the market leader in Russia by flatcar fleet size, container transportation by rail and rail-side container terminal throughput.
The vehicle has two lateral lifting platforms as well as a frontal ramp for moving the pallets on a carried flatcar by means of a hand pallet truck.
Lumber for delivery must be grouped according to length, wrapped in paper, and loaded on one 73foot flatcar. Futures contract buyers that wish to take delivery are charged the lowest published freight rate for 73-foot flatcars from Prince George, British Columbia, to the specified destination.
The existing rail yard does not have enough space to handle containers and trailer on flatcar traffic, creating bottlenecks.
The satellite images taken Monday showed a flatcar with tanks or casks that could have been carrying chemicals or waste, 38 North reported.
The website 38 North, which monitors sites in North Korea associated with its weapons programs, says an image taken Monday at the Nyongbyon nuclear facility shows a rail flatcar at a radiochemical laboratory complex where the North separates weapons-grade plutonium from waste from a nuclear reactor.
The company's flatcar contracts and pooling agreements are approved and authorized on a periodic basis by the Surface Transportation Board (STB) of the U.S.
The sea lions, meanwhile, were always just one car away, traveling in a special tank Firth rigged atop a flatcar. The car always had a freezer full of vast quantities of fish for the sea lions, which Firth always seemed to be defrosting and feeding to his brood.
A load of 60 tons is well below the limit for a railroad flatcar. On the other hand the dimensions of a width of 28' and a height of 23' posed a number of clearance problems.
"After firing up the steam engine, Dad said he drove it off of the flatcar with the separator attached," Darrell says.
The apparatus used included a locomotive and flatcar, a train station platform, and two groups of bandsmen.