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1. pl. flat·feet (-fēt′) A condition in which the arch of the foot is abnormally flattened down so that the entire sole makes contact with the ground.
2. pl. flat·foots
a. Informal A person with flat feet.
b. Slang A police officer.
intr.v. flat·foot·ed, flat·foot·ing, flat·foots
To walk in a flat-footed manner: "He flatfooted along, twirling his club" (James T. Farrell).


(ˈflætˈfʊt ɪd)

1. having flatfeet.
2. firm and explicit: a flatfooted denial.
3. clumsy or plodding: flatfooted writing.
catch someone flatfooted, to catch someone unprepared or in the midst of a transgression.
flat′foot′ed•ness, n.
References in classic literature ?
The thing made a big stir in the town, too, and a good many come out flatfooted and said it was scandal- ous to separate the mother and the children that way.
"What I'm driving at is that you say flatfooted that you won't meet me again, and you give your reasons, but how am I to know they are your real reasons?
Under heavy fire from the Lady Troopers in the first set, the Cool Smashers slowly went back on defense, steadied on the service lane and caught them flatfooted with a variety of scoring choices en route to their eighth consecutive victory.