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n. pl. Flathead or Flat·heads
a. A member of a Native American people inhabiting western Montana and northern Idaho, now located principally on Flathead Lake.
b. The Salishan language of the Flathead.

[Translation of French Têtes-Plates, flat heads, translation of a name used by neighboring tribes (from the fact that the Flathead did not ornamentally taper the skull as neighboring peoples did).]
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n, pl -head or -heads
(Animals) any Pacific scorpaenoid food fish of the family Platycephalidae, which resemble gurnards
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a member of an American Indian people of NW Montana.
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Noun1.Flathead - food fish of the Indonesian region of the Pacificflathead - food fish of the Indonesian region of the Pacific; resembles gurnards
scorpaenoid, scorpaenoid fish - fishes having the head armored with bony plates
family Platycephalidae, Platycephalidae - scorpaenoid flatheads
2.flathead - pallid bottom-dwelling flat-headed fish with large eyes and a duck-like snout
percoid, percoid fish, percoidean - any of numerous spiny-finned fishes of the order Perciformes
family Percophidae, Percophidae - percoid flatheads
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About a year's pressure is sufficient to produce the desired effect, at the end of which time the child emerges from its bandages a complete flathead, and continues so through life.
- Expedition of M'Dougal and David Stuart- Comcomly, the OneEyed Chieftain.- Influence of Wealth in Savage Life.- Slavery Among the Natives.-An Aristocracy of Flatheads.- Hospitality Among the Chinooks- Comcomly's Daughter.- Her Conquest.
"Then go I and wash, Flathead; but, it is true, in the great heats I have wished I could slough my skin without pain, and run skinless."
"Greenhorns, flatheads! I knew the first house would keep mum and let the rest of the town get roped in; and I knew they'd lay for us the third night, and consider it was THEIR turn now.
This animal is commonly called the mountain sheep, and is often confounded with another animal, the "woolly sheep," found more to the northward, about the country of the Flatheads. The latter likewise inhabits cliffs in summer, but descends into the valleys in the winter.
Fishery Conservation--The establishment of nonnative flathead and blue catfish in some East Coast river systems is creating trophy fishing opportunities, yet these species also been shown to impact native fish and thus pose conservation and management challenges.
Roost, a maker of home telematics for property insurance carriers, has partnered with Montana-based Flathead Farm Mutual Insurance Company.
Meanwhile, (https://nbcmontana.com/news/local/flathead-avalanche-center-issues-first-warning-this-season) Flathead Avalanche Center in Montana also issued its first warning of the season due to potential for large avalanches in the area.
Chinese taxonomy of flathead fishes, Isolated spine anteriorly, Yellow marking, Phylogenetic analysis.
The name flathead catfish leaves little doubt of its origin.
With more than 190 locations throughout the United States, Wintrust Mortgage now expands its existing market presence within Northern Montana, particularly in Flathead County and surrounding areas.
Since inception in 1993, AHM has become one of the largest home mortgage lenders in Montana's Flathead Valley.