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 (flăt′lănd′, -lənd)
1. Land that varies little in elevation.
2. flatlands A geographic area composed chiefly of land that varies little in elevation.

flat′land′er n.


(Physical Geography) an area of land notable for its levelness or flatness



a region that lacks appreciable topographic relief.
[1725–35, Amer.]
flat′land`er, n.
References in classic literature ?
Daisy, it was, who had put her tiny foot down and commanded the removal from the fever flatlands of Colusa to the healthy mountains of Ventura; who had backed the savage old Indian-fighter of a father into a corner and fought the entire family that Vila might marry the man of her choice; who had flown in the face of the family and of community morality and demanded the divorce of Laura from her criminally weak husband; and who on the other hand, had held the branches of the family together when only misunderstanding and weak humanness threatened to drive them apart.
IN PARTICULAR This Work Is Dedicated By A Humble Native Of Flatland In the Hope that Even as he was Initiated into the Mysteries OF THREE DIMENSIONS Having been previously conversant With ONLY TWO So the Citizens of that Celestial Region May aspire yet higher and higher To the Secrets of FOUR FIVE or EVEN SIX Dimensions Thereby contributing To the Enlargement of THE IMAGINATION And the possible Development Of that most and excellent GIFT of MODESTY Among the Superior Races Of SOLID HUMANITY
In fact, the flatlands, the beach and the hills of Bukit Panchor and Bukit Mertajam offer a variety of trails ranging from leisurely walks to more challenging hill climbs with plenty of flora and fauna to spot.
Based on the beloved novel of Edwin Abbott titled "Flatlands: A Romance Of Many Dimensions," a world where only two dimensions on which triangles, squares, pentagons and other figures live and move freely in "Flatland: The Movie" which takes on race, gender, class, and political corruption, slated for May 17 and 18.
They were camped at a kibbutz on the formerly malarial flatlands of the coastal plain, a cluster of tents and sheds around a water tower.
The terrain features variety flatlands and mountainous highlands.
EMH Commercial Realty has been retained as the exclusive agents to facilitate the sale of 4201 and 4209 Ave J in the Flatlands section of Brooklyn.
LITTLE ROCK IS WHERE THE DELTA MEETS THE FOOTHILLS OF THE OZARKS, offering an incredible, diverse landscape of hills, valleys and flatlands to build whatever style home is desired.
Aydin Byktas is a Turkish photographer who flew to the American Southwest from Istanbul to create his 'Flatlands II' series of photographs, reports Wired.
Playing out among the fens and flatlands of Norfolk, we meet a father and son living in a tumbledown cottage.
"The helicopter collided with some power lines in what's known as the Flatlands area of New Brunswick" in the province's north near the border with Quebec, he said.
German sprinter Marcel Kittel will be in pink after his two victories on the Dutch flatlands and is chalked up as 7-1 favourite to complete the hat-trick today.