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Noun1.flatulency - a state of excessive gas in the alimentary canal
physical condition, physiological condition, physiological state - the condition or state of the body or bodily functions
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I also heard the whooping of the ice in the pond, my great bed-fellow in that part of Concord, as if it were restless in its bed and would fain turn over, were troubled with flatulency and had dreams; or I was waked by the cracking of the ground by the frost, as if some one had driven a team against my door, and in the morning would find a crack in the earth a quarter of a mile long and a third of an inch wide.
Fruit pulp is widely used by the folk medicinal practitioners of Bangladesh for treatment of flatulency and indigestion, while seeds are used to lower blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.
It is eminently useful in habitual flatulency, atonic dyspepsia, hysteria, and enfeebled and relaxed habits, especially of old and gouty individuals; and is excellent to relieve nausea, pains and cramps of the stomach and bowels, and to obviate tenesmus, and especially when those conditions are due to colds (Onyeagba et al., 2004).
Gastrointestinal side effects have been described on 26% of the individuals who have used Or on weight reduction programs and the most common are: fecal urgency, increase on fecal depositions, fecal incontinency and flatulency, forcing many patients to suspend the treatment (15).