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Laundry, such as sheets and linens, that can be ironed by a mangle rather than by hand.


(ˈflætˌwɜːk) or


laundry that can be ironed mechanically



laundry articles, as sheets and tablecloths, that are ordinarily ironed mechanically on a mangle.
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Noun1.flatwork - ironing that can be done mechanically
ironing - garments (clothes or linens) that are to be (or have been) ironed; "there was a basketful of ironing to do"
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The Clinton City Hall parking lot renovation project has been a priority and it was deemed that Eldridge-based KE Flatwork would carry out the reconstruction for the lot, sitting across from Clinton City Hall at 611 S.
He also owned his own construction business specializing in concrete flatwork, decorative concrete work, and interior and exterior work.
The newest American Concrete Institute certification program offerings are Decorative Concrete Flatwork Finisher and Decorative Concrete Flatwork Associate.
The partnership includes the full line of Terex Bid-Well concrete paving and placing equipment used for paving flatwork, overlays, parking lots, bridge decks, highways, airports, slopes and canals.
Another energy-efficient solution from Danube is the new flatwork dryer ironer, DII, with stainless steel chassis and panels.
Company is concrete/masonry specialists doing slab, block, foundations, flatwork & framing for new home construction with a LOADED PIPLINE OF WORK!
Instructions cover a range of stitches--more than basic--and move into different kinds of crochet, from Swedish embroidery to felting and flatwork. Any seeking to move into more experienced crochet realms needs this guide, which comes packed with close-up, step-by-step 'how to' photos throughout.
His showjumping isn't the best but his flatwork is very good."
VA-528-09-RQ-0247, issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for a flatwork ironer.
And on Monday, October 15, 7.30pm, top three-day eventer Jeanette Brakewell, gives insights on saddle control for flatwork and jumping.
The Cyclone product is designed to be used in a multitude of flatwork demolition projects.
Flatwork and jumping sessions are run throughout the winter, as well as team showjumping competitions, rides and other shows.