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adj. flaunt·i·er, flaunt·i·est
Inclined to flaunt; ostentatious.

flaunt′i·ly adv.
flaunt′i·ness n.


adj, flauntier or flauntiest
chiefly US characterized by or inclined to ostentatious display or flaunting
ˈflauntily adv
ˈflauntiness n


(ˈflɔn ti)

adj. flaunt•i•er, flaunt•i•est.
given to or characterized by display; ostentatious; showy.
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Adj.1.flaunty - inclined to flaunt
ostentatious, pretentious - intended to attract notice and impress others; "an ostentatious sable coat"
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Interestingly, the main Settings screen is the only screen to contain the flaunty new tag from the app's parent entity.
This composition has a geometric system that is stable, beautiful, and flaunty at the level of the city, attracts individuals and impresses their minds.
The Oscars have never done anything for me and I can't imagine ever wanting to wait up to see the latest self-loathing speech or flaunty waltz down the red carpet.