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A corn tortilla rolled around a filling, such as beef, chicken, or cheese, into a thin cylinder and sometimes deep-fried.

[Spanish, flute, probably from Old Provençal flaüt; see flute.]
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(Cookery) a Mexican food item consisting of a tortilla rolled around a filling and then fried
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LETRAN 64 - Saure 23, Argente 12, Romenez 8, Tibayan 8, Tolentino 5, Lim 3, Umali 2, Flauta 2, Santiago 1, Omega 0, Cauguiran 0, Miranda 0.
Para flauta doce, alem de Soprando nas nuvens, escreveu Flautata doce, para quarteto de flautas doces, dedicada "as flautistas da minha terra".
May 4: Chicken flauta, celery and carrots/ranch, salad, yogurt, fruit
La flauta de chino corresponde a la tipologia organologica 'pifilka' (3), cuya caracteristica es que permite lograr el sonido rajado, muy potente, complejo y rico en armonicos.
Touch down on Mexico next with flauta, a tapas made of crispy tortilla spring rolls that look like - just as the name suggests - flutes and stuffed with delicious BBQ chicken and blue cheese.
Moving on, the pulled chicken and juicy steak flauta which is essentially a deep fried tortilla served with sour cream and guacamole was perhaps the dish of the day.