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tr.v. flayed, flay·ing, flays
1. To strip off the skin or outer covering of.
2. To strip of money or goods; fleece.
3. To whip or lash.
4. To assail with stinging criticism; excoriate.

[Middle English flen, from Old English flēan.]

flay′er n.
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"For feeding a rascally footpad, locked up these six months in the little cell of the flayer, until it should be determined what to do with him, six livres, four sols."
Know then that though there may be peace between our own provinces and the French, yet within the marches of France there is always war, for the country is much divided against itself, and is furthermore harried by bands of flayers, skinners, Brabacons, tardvenus, and the rest of them.
Regular flayers and grinders, my dear Lammle,' repeated Fledgeby with a peculiar relish, 'and they'll skin you by the inch, from the nape of your neck to the sole of your foot, and grind every inch of your skin to tooth-powder.
According to a new theory, the Mind Flayer has possessed Eleven, (https://www.cbr.com/stranger-things-season-4-eleven-villain-theory/) CBR reported.
Expect lots more 80s nostalgia, sparklers, and creepy scares as Eleven and co face down the Flayer once again.
Another creature with a name drawn from the pages of the D and D manuals, the Mind Flayer is revealed to be the true threat of 'Stranger Things.' It is the hive mind that commands the Demogorgons, and can control hosts with a bit of it planted inside-such as the unfortunate Will.
Unlike the previous two instalments where the retro gang fight creatures from the Upside Down -- the Demogorgons and the Mind Flayer -- this time around, the children's party finds itself split into groups, uncovering secrets about a new Mall that's opened up in Hawkins, the arrival of a mysterious group of Russians and exploding rats.
The Hawkins kids are back after their encounters with the Demogorgon and the Mind Flayer. Will Byers may have been rescued, but the crew soon finds that strange things--like Eleven and Mad Max actually becoming friends-are still happening.
The French word for the related red-backed shrike, l'ecorcheur or "flayer," brings me back to the butcher bird term.
We last saw the Mind Flayer towering over the school, so it's clearly coming for the kids.
(5) This doesn't even count the sheer multitude of short stories, novels, films, and TV episodes that claim to have been inspired by Lovecraft's seemingly omnipresent eldritch hand, including the latest installment of the Netflix hit series, Stranger Things 2, which features a super villain that merges Cthulhu-esque horror with the Mind Flayer from Dungeons and Dragons.
skinnar] 'one whose work or business is concerned with the preparation of skins for commercial purposes' 1398 NED; 'one who removes the skin; a flayer' 1699 NED; skin, sb.