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Noun1.flea bite - sting inflicted by a flea
insect bite, sting, bite - a painful wound caused by the thrust of an insect's stinger into skin
2.flea bite - a very minor inconvenience
troublesomeness, worriment, inconvenience - a difficulty that causes anxiety
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Plague is transmitted to humans via flea bites, handling of an infected animal or through the air in close quarters when a plague-infected person coughs (the CDC says the latter hasn't happened in the United States since 1924).
This puts you at a greater risk for incurring flea bites.
A MUM has said her body was ravaged with bed bug or flea bites during a stay in hospital.
John's Wort to soothe sensitive, dry and itchy skin; Organic Lemongrass Dog Shampoo with powerful all-natural moisturizers like organic hemp seed oil, organic shea butter and organic sunflower oil; USDA Certified Organic Neem with Orange Essential Oil Dog Shampoo to help maintain healthy skin as well as those plagued with biting pests, irritated skin, or dermatitis caused by allergies, flea bites, or environmental conditions; and USDA Organic Peppermint and Tea Tree Oil Dog Shampoo, which is an alternative to medicated dog shampoo for dogs with yeast or bacterial infections.
NEW YORK -- The number of people who get diseases transmitted by mosquito, tick and flea bites has increased dramatically in the United States in recent years, federal health officials recently reported.
Flea bites can cause irritation and induce skin allergies in pets.
"One social worker said she received flea bites when walking around the house to her legs and neck," Mr Bennett added.
She also said that at first they thought it was sand flea bites, however, they later discovered that their legs were, in fact, infected with hookworms.
Hedges to blame for flea bites A COLUMN on page 11 of a recent Daily Post has probably caused a great number of people to become worried.
Common signs and symptoms adults may notice in a child who is being neglected include: | Poor appearance and hygiene, they may be smelly or have unwashed clothes | Living in an unsuitable home environment, for example dog mess being left or not having any heating | Left alone for a long time | Untreated injuries, medical and dental issues; they may have skin sores, rashes, flea bites, scabies or ringworm | Poor language, communication or social skills | The child seems hungry or turns up to school without having breakfast or any lunch money
The offending allergens are usually pollen, mold and flea bites. "Hot spots become more prevalent in warm weather, waxing and waning in severity," says dermatologist William H.