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also fledge·ling  (flĕj′lĭng)
1. A young bird that has left the nest and has usually acquired flight feathers, but is often not yet able to fly.
2. A young or inexperienced person.
New and untried or inexperienced: a fledgling enterprise.
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Noun1.fledgeling - any new participant in some activity
beginner, initiate, tiro, tyro, novice - someone new to a field or activity
enlistee, recruit - any new member or supporter (as in the armed forces)
2.fledgeling - young bird that has just fledged or become capable of flying
young bird - a bird that is still young
Adj.1.fledgeling - (of a young bird) having acquired its flight feathers; "a fledgling robin"
fledged, mature - (of birds) having developed feathers or plumage; often used in combination
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A launching pad for fledgeling businesses could open in one of Paisley's unemployment backstops, we reported in June 1986.
After the fledgeling results of the anti-Ruto's Kieleweke outfit, financiers have resorted to using the three to coordinate anti-Ruto crusades.
While Pakistan's fledgeling democracy can be categorised as Praetorian, hybrid, or limited, the successful completion of terms by two regimes leading onto the third, is a watershed moment in Pakistani political history, and static explanations such as the presence of an omnipotent military which dominates proceedings, as well as an idealist position that the politicians now rule completely, both fall short of the mark while we attempt to judge the macro-level power configurations through which Pakistan is ruled.
Afghanistan's fledgeling air force is also flying more sorties.
A trip to this fledgeling music allows one to warp to a small slice of musical heaven with a host of different musical instruments displayed outside the stores such as traditional drums 'tablas', larger drums 'dhols' guitars, sitar, rababs, harmoniums and others.
For the Rangers boss, what had been shaping up as a reasonably respectable first season is now threatening to become a rather ruinous one where his fledgeling managerial reputation is concerned.
His fledgeling company wound up joining the SGV Group, with SGV-Utomo soon turning out to become the largest and most profitable accounting firm in Indonesia.
The UAE has a fledgeling space program with big ambitions.
I love seeing fluffy fledgeling birds learning to feed and fly.
It is up to Nigerians to ensure that the redline is not crossed in safeguarding our fledgeling democracy.
Islamabad -- Pakistan's capital market regulator has granted approval to the country's sole reinsurer to offer sharia-compliant reinsurance, part of efforts to boost the fledgeling Islamic insurance (takaful) sector.
Her role included establishing Hilton's first presence in Myanmar, including the sales office in Yangon and an award-winning vocational training school for the fledgeling industry in that country.