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also fledge·ling  (flĕj′lĭng)
1. A young bird that has left the nest and has usually acquired flight feathers, but is often not yet able to fly.
2. A young or inexperienced person.
New and untried or inexperienced: a fledgling enterprise.
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Noun1.fledgeling - any new participant in some activity
beginner, initiate, tiro, tyro, novice - someone new to a field or activity
enlistee, recruit - any new member or supporter (as in the armed forces)
2.fledgeling - young bird that has just fledged or become capable of flying
young bird - a bird that is still young
Adj.1.fledgeling - (of a young bird) having acquired its flight feathers; "a fledgling robin"
fledged, mature - (of birds) having developed feathers or plumage; often used in combination
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