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a. The coat of wool of a sheep or similar animal.
b. The yield of wool shorn from a sheep at one time.
2. A soft woolly covering or mass.
a. A soft, warm, lightweight, usually synthetic fabric with a deep pile, used primarily for clothing and blankets.
b. A garment, especially a shirt or jacket, made of such fabric.
tr.v. fleeced, fleec·ing, fleec·es
1. To defraud of money or property; swindle.
2. To shear the fleece from.
3. To cover with a fleece or similar covering.

[Middle English fles, from Old English flēos.]

fleec′er n.
References in classic literature ?
To gratify Jansenius I waived this objection, and only interfered to save him from being fleeced and fooled by an unnecessary West End middleman, who, as likely as not, would have eventually employed the very man to whom I gave the job.
She knew how the unhappy Lord Dovedale, whose mamma had taken a house at Oxford, so that he might be educated there, and who had never touched a card in his life till he came to London, was perverted by Rawdon at the Cocoa-Tree, made helplessly tipsy by this abominable seducer and perverter of youth, and fleeced of four thousand pounds.
The whole business of the human race, between London and Dover, being spoliation, Mr Dorrit was waylaid at Dartford, pillaged at Gravesend, rifled at Rochester, fleeced at Sittingbourne, and sacked at Canterbury.