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intr.v. fleered, fleer·ing, fleers
To smirk or laugh in contempt or derision.
A taunting, scoffing, or derisive look or gibe.

[Middle English flerien, of Scandinavian origin.]

fleer′ing·ly adv.


to grin or laugh at; scoff; sneer
a derisory glance or grin
[C14: of Scandinavian origin; compare Norwegian flire to snigger]
ˈfleeringly adv



1. to grin or laugh coarsely or mockingly.
2. a fleering look or utterance; a jeer or gibe.
[1350–1400; Middle English flerien (v.) < Scandinavian; compare Norwegian flire a grin]


(ˈfli ər)

a person who flees.


- To laugh in a disrespectful or jeering way.
See also related terms for laugh.


Past participle: fleered
Gerund: fleering

I fleer
you fleer
he/she/it fleers
we fleer
you fleer
they fleer
I fleered
you fleered
he/she/it fleered
we fleered
you fleered
they fleered
Present Continuous
I am fleering
you are fleering
he/she/it is fleering
we are fleering
you are fleering
they are fleering
Present Perfect
I have fleered
you have fleered
he/she/it has fleered
we have fleered
you have fleered
they have fleered
Past Continuous
I was fleering
you were fleering
he/she/it was fleering
we were fleering
you were fleering
they were fleering
Past Perfect
I had fleered
you had fleered
he/she/it had fleered
we had fleered
you had fleered
they had fleered
I will fleer
you will fleer
he/she/it will fleer
we will fleer
you will fleer
they will fleer
Future Perfect
I will have fleered
you will have fleered
he/she/it will have fleered
we will have fleered
you will have fleered
they will have fleered
Future Continuous
I will be fleering
you will be fleering
he/she/it will be fleering
we will be fleering
you will be fleering
they will be fleering
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been fleering
you have been fleering
he/she/it has been fleering
we have been fleering
you have been fleering
they have been fleering
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been fleering
you will have been fleering
he/she/it will have been fleering
we will have been fleering
you will have been fleering
they will have been fleering
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been fleering
you had been fleering
he/she/it had been fleering
we had been fleering
you had been fleering
they had been fleering
I would fleer
you would fleer
he/she/it would fleer
we would fleer
you would fleer
they would fleer
Past Conditional
I would have fleered
you would have fleered
he/she/it would have fleered
we would have fleered
you would have fleered
they would have fleered
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.fleer - someone who flees from an uncongenial situation; "fugitives from the sweatshops"
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
2.fleer - contempt expressed by mockery in looks or words
scorn, contempt - open disrespect for a person or thing
Verb1.fleer - to smirk contemptuously
simper, smirk - smile affectedly or derisively


To smile or laugh scornfully or derisively:
Idiom: curl one's lip.
A facial expression or laugh conveying scorn or derision:
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In the fermentation process the action of the microorganisms takes place in the pulp surrounding the beans, which is rich in glucose, fructose, and sucrose (total content of 10-15%) and the initial pH is relatively low (pH: 3.3-4.0), mainly due to a high concentration of citric acid (1-3%) (ARDHANA and FLEER, 2003).
Man, we were a gormless bunch; onything dropped on the sawdust fleer, just wheeched up, dusted aff and back on display - including the contents of a huge jar of black balls.
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To sit or kneel (unless you're a Jehovah's Witness) is a sneer and fleer at the people sitting around you.
Literature suggests that the manner in which people are told about their diagnosis affects both the way in which they adjust to the situation and their wellbeing (Janse, Sprangers, Ranchor, & Fleer, 2016).
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Con el desarrollo de la tecnologia digital actual (por ejemplo, iPad o camara de un telefono movil), y software gratuito para hacer peliculas (Windows Movie Maker), los videos stop-motion se han convertido en una manera simplificada para que los estudiantes creen cortometrajes en las aulas escolares (Fleer, 2013).
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