able to run fast.
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I will let loose against you the fleet-footed vines-- I will call in the Jungle to stamp out your lines!
95-101) `Yet, come, friend, quickly take the red-dyed reins of the swift horses and raise high courage in your heart and guide the swift chariot and strong fleet-footed horses straight on.
191-196) And on the shield stood the fleet-footed horses of grim Ares made gold, and deadly Ares the spoil-winner himself.
'Never fear,' said his fleet-footed comrade, 'I will fetch what the King wants.'
But fleet-footed Joe put forth his utmost speed, and checked the car, while the balloon beat upon the sand, at the risk of being torn to pieces.
Such meat was only for the old, the toothless, and the decrepit who no longer could make their kills among the fleet-footed grass-eaters.
Well indeed might Mbonga scream for help, for Tarzan, young and fleet-footed, covered the distance between them in great leaps, at the speed of a charging lion.
Proving that he's worthy for a call up to the national side, the fleet-footed Doctora assisted on the first two goals before scoring the late equalizer that prevented Global from pulling further away from the standings.
A FLEET-footed 77-year-old has landed four medals at the World Senior Games.
takes a fond look back at some of the fleet-footed folk who've graced our dance floors over the years.
The fleet-footed Karlsson hit a post with a crisp 20-yard shot but then missed two glaring opportunities at close range, twice being denied by miraculous saves at point-blank range by Colchester keeper Andy Woodman.
The diminutive but fleet-footed Bautista connected accurately with left-right combinations but said he could have done even better if it were not for the thin air which causes one to run out of breath after a short flurry.