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Noun1.fleetingness - the property of lasting for a very short time
transience, transiency, transitoriness - an impermanence that suggests the inevitability of ending or dying
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Although these of interconnected sites of memory seem to resemble those of Bunkse's work, they serve a different purpose, foregrounding the scarcity and fleetingness of "permanence and predictability"
I may not be so blessed financially and materially, but for me to realize the fleetingness of the things found here on earth and seek things eternal, I feel loved by God.
Despite all talk of its fleetingness or elusiveness, the image works excellently as a unit of literary analysis.
The selection of a passion flower is particularly meaningful because most members of the genus passiflora only live for a day, which makes their charm inseparable from their fleetingness. Funes's memory robs the flower of its transitoriness, devaluing it.
Women either succumb to and perpetuate the monotonous and almost robotic behavior that we see blatantly expressed in the posture and discourse of the young woman in "A Round of Visits" or identify--eagerly or ruefully--with the fleetingness experienced in its spaces.
Hurston marks both the trancelike intensity of her connection with her white female employer and the fleetingness of their solidarity.
These essays all effectively contrast the glamour of fame and its fleetingness, but always with the author's sympathy and thoughtfulness.
images, shapes and fleetingness of lives and history." (39) But
"She has a quickness, a brightness to her work and a fleetingness to her steps," says Kate Lydon, the Studio Company's artistic director.
(3) Both build to a punchline which is then undercut by a final line of lament for the fleetingness of life's pleasures, in Smith's case 'Oh my bride, my bride' and in Adcock's 'beneath the summer trees'.
Yet it is precisely the fleetingness of these visions that allows for a thinking of the films as Utopian.