flesh and blood

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flesh and blood

1. Human nature or physical existence, together with its weaknesses.
2. A person's blood relatives; kin.
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flesh′ and blood′

1. offspring or relatives: one's own flesh and blood.
2. the human body or nature: more than flesh and blood can endure.
3. substance: The concept lacks flesh and blood.
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الطبيعَةِ البَشَرِيَّهمن لَحْمِهِ وَدَمِه، قَريبُه
lidská přirozenostvlastní krev
kød og blodmenneskelig natur
emberi természet: az emberi természet
hold og blóî, afkomendurmannlegt eîli, manneskju
vlastná krv
beşerinsaneyakın akraba


(fleʃ) noun
1. the soft substance (muscles etc) that covers the bones of animals.
2. the soft part of fruit. the golden flesh of a peach.
ˈfleshy adjective
fat. a fleshy face.
flesh and blood
1. relations; family. She is my own flesh and blood.
2. human nature. It is more than flesh and blood can tolerate.
in the flesh
actually present; in person. I have seen him on television, but never in the flesh.
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References in classic literature ?
Poyser's own niece--folks must put up wi' their own kin, as they put up wi' their own noses--it's their own flesh and blood. But to think of a niece o' mine being cause o' my husband's being turned out of his farm, and me brought him no fortin but my savin's "
Not as I wish to speak disrespectful o' them as have got the power i' their hands, but it's more than flesh and blood 'ull bear sometimes, to be toiling and striving, and up early and down late, and hardly sleeping a wink when you lie down for thinking as the cheese may swell, or the cows may slip their calf, or the wheat may grow green again i' the sheaf--and after all, at th' end o' the year, it's like as if you'd been cooking a feast and had got the smell of it for your pains."
Ghek had never seen an ulsio, since these great Martian rats had long ago disappeared from Bantoom, their flesh and blood having been greatly relished by the kaldanes; but Ghek had inherited, almost unimpaired, every memory of every ancestor, and so he knew that ulsio inhabited these lairs and that ulsio was good to eat, and he knew what ulsio looked like and what his habits were, though he had never seen him nor any picture of him.
Later, the believers will have to ask: How can we partake of Jesus' flesh and blood? The evangelist's insinuation of the Eucharistic language in Jesus' discourse on the bread of life provides an answer: one encounters the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ in the Eucharistic celebration.
At first, when Jesus pictured His life-therefore eventually the disciples' also-to be one of self-giving, of sharing one's very flesh and blood for the life of others, they murmured about it.
They caught the full impact of his implication that he was there in flesh and blood to save them more completely than the paschal lamb and its blood had saved their ancestors on the night of the Passover.
The host and wine turned into flesh and blood at the consecration being said by a Basilian monk who had doubts about Jesus' real presence in the Eucharist.
According to the newspaper, the Kalina Forensic Laboratory report on 16 August states that human flesh and blood stains confirm signs of struggle before her death.
"When she was on the ground I didn't want sex any more but only flesh and blood. The taste of it made me addicted," the Daily Mail quoted Jan O as witting in his police confession.
Do you think that two individuals that make the sacrifice of adopting three children, feeding them, clothing them, putting them through schooling (boarding school in our cases) will bring up children in an any less loving way than if they were their own flesh and blood?