flesh color

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flesh′ col`or

the color of a white person's skin, esp. a yellowish pink or pinkish cream.
flesh′-col`ored, adj.
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The visual appearance expressed as pericarp and flesh color; the lightness of fruit pericarp (L value); the yellowness of fruit pericarp (b value); polyphenol oxidase (PPO) activity; the percentage of fruit decay and fruit drop; total soluble solids (TSS) content were studied.
If you don't have flesh color paint, just leave the natural wood color.
It must be noted that DSM Nutritional Products produces Carophyll Pink (astaxanthin), a carotenoid related to vitamin A that produces a non-fading flesh color identical to the flesh color found in wild salmon (astaxanthin is the same carotenoid in both wild and farmed salmon).
The edible quality of watermelon fruit is dependent upon crisp texture, juiciness, deep-red flesh color, and sweetness.
Although it looks like a color swatch from Anna Nicole Smith's decorator, the SalmoFan is actually a guide to salmon flesh color. It is produced by Roche, the pharmaceutical company that markets Carophyll Pink, a vitamin-cum-pigment that salmon farmers feed their stocks to redden the fish's flesh; farmers use the fan to judge if their fish need more pigment to reach the optimum color for market.
She wears Willa Kim's unitard of gorgeous green blending to flesh color on the lower torso and legs, and a small jeweled green headpiece.
The fact that a couple of the paintings are predominantly in the flesh color of Band-Aids (Dogwood and Overly Later, both 1999) only heightens the suspicion that within their seeming indifference is imprinted a memory of bodily hurt.
"We think it's a different form of the gene that controls yellow flesh color."
(They need more heat than lemons do.) Even so, there is great variation in skin and flesh color, as well as in sweetness; you may get some surprising results.
Her vivid whites, in paintings like Matrix, 1999, Brace, 1998--99, and Fulcrum, 1998--99, are carefully attuned to the areas of darker, more mottled flesh color, at once adding to their sense of fullness and making those passages seem abstract.
Earlier this week the singer caused the stir when she walked the red carpet with no bra, and just a teeny tiny flesh colored thong to protect her modesty.
Reports in the medical literature since 1990 indicate that these lesions can vary in their clinical presentation The diagnosis has been applied to flesh-colored and translucent dome-shaped papules on the face solitary flesh colored to dark-red papules in the head and neck area and trichoepitheliomas on the face and trunk.