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Adj.1.flesh-colored - having a bright red or pinkish color
colored, coloured, colorful - having color or a certain color; sometimes used in combination; "colored crepe paper"; "the film was in color"; "amber-colored heads of grain"
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I was in the simplest and comfortablest of gymnast costumes -- flesh-colored tights from neck to heel, with blue silk puffings about my loins, and bareheaded.
Finally it occurred to them that their naked skin represented flesh-colored "tights" very fairly; so they drew a ring in the sand and had a circus -- with three clowns in it, for none would yield this proudest post to his neighbor.
He had never taken him to Christine's himself and came to the conclusion that Raoul must have gone there alone while the count stayed talking in the foyer with Sorelli, who often asked him to wait until it was her time to "go on" and sometimes handed him the little gaiters in which she ran down from her dressing-room to preserve the spotlessness of her satin dancing-shoes and her flesh-colored tights.
Jupiter was clad in a coat of mail, covered with black velvet, with gilt nails; and had it not been for the rouge, and the huge red beard, each of which covered one-half of his face,--had it not been for the roll of gilded cardboard, spangled, and all bristling with strips of tinsel, which he held in his hand, and in which the eyes of the initiated easily recognized thunderbolts,--had not his feet been flesh-colored, and banded with ribbons in Greek fashion, he might have borne comparison, so far as the severity of his mien was concerned, with a Breton archer from the guard of Monsieur de Berry.
Also, he noted what had already caught his eye before--a tiny strip of flesh-colored courtplaster on the forehead over one eve.
Hogan sported three small, flesh-colored bandages onhis forehead during a redistricting reformnews conference Thursday.
Even though Lady Gaga's butt was completely visible, she took care of graphic nudity by wearing a flesh-colored G-string and a cluster of roses.
Uniformed kids turn into flesh-colored clowns, their exaggerated expressions communicating acceptance or rejection in a flash.
The other infants presented with flesh-colored umbilicated papules and/or nodules with little to no erythema.
Because after you see James Baker's recommendations for Bush's non-strategy in Iraq, you're going to want to nail your skull onto your spine before it spins off into the ether like a runaway flesh-colored balloon.
Tear a circle or oval of flesh-colored paper from an old magazine, and use it for a face.
A separate room houses flesh-colored figures, including a lifelike mannequin of the artist, sans pants, asleep on a cot.