fleshed out

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Adj.1.fleshed out - given substance or detail; completed; "did not spring full-clad from his imagination"; "a plan fleshed out with statistics and details"
complete - having every necessary or normal part or component or step; "a complete meal"; "a complete wardrobe"; "a complete set of the Britannica"; "a complete set of china"; "a complete defeat"; "a complete accounting"
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Fleshed out now as a full four-piece, the qualities that has made them a consistently popular fixture across European tours and festivals are clear.
None of the characters are properly fleshed out, meaning Hushpuppy and co's plight fails to strike an emotional chord.
Main problem is the short running time: If pic had been 10-15 minutes longer, some of the characters and their motivations could have been fleshed out more satisfyingly.