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adj. flesh·i·er, flesh·i·est
a. Relating to, consisting of, or resembling flesh: a fleshy growth.
b. Having abundant flesh: fleshy arms.
2. Having a juicy or pulpy texture: ripe, fleshy peaches.
3. Fleshly; carnal: "the fleshy fringes of show business" (Newsweek).

flesh′i·ness n.
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Noun1.fleshiness - more than average fatnessfleshiness - more than average fatness    
fatness, avoirdupois, blubber, fat - excess bodily weight; "she disliked fatness in herself as well as in others"
adiposis, corpulence, overweight, stoutness - the property of excessive fatness
exogenous obesity - obesity caused by overeating
embonpoint, plumpness, roundness - the bodily property of being well rounded
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'I would say that it is not one of the best, but the very best Yombe mask.' Such masks are generally regarded as idealised representations of the diviners who wore them but the extraordinary naturalism of this carving suggests the particularity of an individual--one can sense his concentration and almost feel the soft fleshiness of the mouth and lip.
Normally one to opt for the steamed fish, the baked fish was a pleasant surprise, retaining its soft fleshiness. Priced at rupees 1200, the fish also drew flavor from the banana leaf which it was baked in, adding something familiar to the local palette.
1 SPAR LANGUEDOC BLANC 2017, FRANCE (currently reduced to PS6.50 from PS7, SPAR, in store only) A Mediterranean white that's right on cue with soupe de poissons (fish stew), we love its floral character that lifts the fruity flavours of apricot, citrus and peach, with a spicy note on the tail and fleshiness that keeps the wine rich and round.
Its floral character lifts the fruity flavours of apricot, citrus and peach, with a spicy note on the tail and fleshiness that keeps the wine rich and round.
When I unearthed Kayla's femur, finally, that horrible fleshiness was gone.
131 Mesotesta fleshiness (0) not juicy, (1) wholly or partly modified into a juicy sarcotesta.
Illustrating this, Jackson's narrative reflects on the fleshiness of stories and the porousness of bodies--where stories end and subjectivity begins are blurred as the narrative doubles back, revises, and unravels.
Hendricks softens the edges of the hand-drawn image precisely where it cuts across the body, allowing its fleshiness to diffuse onto the paper.
It had moved on from my arms, which were too used for further bites, and seemed to find great satisfaction from the fleshiness of my thighs, the softness of my stomach.
The bouquet exudes red fruit: wild strawberry, raspberry and red currant, rounded out by the fleshiness and firmness of peach and the freshness of a subtle note of mint.
While we might expect a narrative on the Passion to center on Christ's body, Lanyer repeatedly emphasizes the textuality of this body rather than its fleshiness. By reading her poem, readers will encounter Christ as a book, "in whose most pretious wounds your soule may reade / Salvation" ("To the Ladie Lucie," 13-14).