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(Physiology) the practice of chewing food thoroughly and drinking liquids in small sips to aid digestion
[C20: named after Horace Fletcher (1849–1919), American nutritionist]

Fletcherism, fletcherism

the practice of eating only when hungry and in small amounts, and especially chewing one’s food thoroughly, recommended as an aid to digestion by Horace Fletcher (1849-1919), American dietitian. — Fletcherite, n.Fletcherize, v.
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Though some of the Battle Creek Sanitarium therapies may seem bizarre to modern minds -- hydropathy, sexual temperance, Fletcherism (chewing one's food until liquefied) -- compared to the prevailing medical quackery of purgatives, elixirs, and bloodletting, Kellogg's emphasis on a clean diet, exercise, and mind-body connection seem cutting edge even today.
Fletcherism (excessive chewing of food before swallowing it) became popular, especially among men seeking to reduce weight.