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The feathers on an arrow.
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I should have been on my way to Fletching hours since.
Noon found them at Leicester, and three days later they rode into the baronial camp at Fletching.
There are several qualities essential in good hunting arrows: straightness; uniform spine (along the length as well as around the shaft); a well-aligned broadhead; consistent weight; a strong, well-fitting nock; and perfect fletching.
Another added bonus to increased front-of-center (FOC) weight is this: With the center mass more forward, the arrow's fletching has an improved leverage effect.
Fletching helical also can translate into improved accuracy, as faster rotation promotes added stability.
We like to argue whether vanes are better than feathers, whether helical is better than straight and whether five-inch fletching is better than four-inch fletching.
The arrow needs to be just high enough to allow the fletching to clear the bow's shelf.
With the micro-diameter, six-vane Helios[TM] fletching and nock system from Nockturnal, your arrows will stabilize faster in flight because they will spin 10 times faster than those fletched with conventional vanes.
Of course, if you're going to build your own arrows, you'll need a fletching jig.
The packs of five-inch vanes in my drawers reminded me that giant fletching was almost mandatory to control oversized or misaligned broadheads.
These combination packs are perfect for fletching six beautiful arrows and are available in a variety of attractive barred and solid-color combinations.
Prior to our girls' arrival, meyer thought twice about devoting a few hours to cutting, squaring, wrapping, and fletching a dozen arrows.