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A folded paper construction that can be flexed along its folds to reveal and conceal its faces alternately.

[Blend of flex + hexagon.]


a flat model consisting of a single pliable strip of paper which can be folded and flexed in various ways to expose different hidden faces
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Introduced in 2010, MineSight--now a Flexagon AB company--said Torque represents a new generation in drillhole management.
A bilingual poetry writing and flexagon booklet-making workshop will be offered from 1 p.m.
She will talk about her writing process and lead participants through a poetry writing exercise and help them to complete their flexagon booklets.
A Johnlewis.com sell the FLEXAGON ceiling shade at pounds 80.
The texts are all searchable, something avid math fans will surely take advantage of to find, for instance, 135 uses of the word flexagon. Mathematical Assn.
SAFEmine will continue to operate as its own organization and with its own brand, embedded into the Flexagon Mining Division, working alongside Devex and Leica Geosystems Mining," the founders of SAFEmine--Urs Rothacher, Andrea Schlapbach, Urban Maeder and Peter Stegmaier--said in a press statement.
My classes made flexagons, and were given the latest problems from his column.