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a. Capable of being bent or flexed; pliable: a flexible hose.
b. Readily bending or twisting the body without injury: You can play soccer much better if you're flexible.
2. Able to change to cope with variable circumstances: "a flexible and quietly competent administrator" (Jerome Karabel).
3. Capable of being changed or adjusted to meet particular or varied needs: a job with flexible hours; a flexible definition of normality.

[From Latin flexibilis, from flexus, past participle of flectere, to bend.]

flex′i·bil′i·ty, flex′i·ble·ness n.
flex′i·bly adv.
Synonyms: flexible, elastic, resilient, supple
These adjectives refer literally to what is capable of withstanding stress without damage and figuratively to what can undergo change or modification: a flexible wire; flexible plans; an elastic rubber band; an elastic interpretation of the law; thin, resilient copper; a resilient temperament; supple suede; a supple mind.
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Adv.1.flexibly - with flexibility; "`Come whenever you are free,' he said flexibly"
inflexibly - in an inflexible manner; "`You will--because you must!,' Madam told her inflexibly"
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(lit) connected, mountedelastisch
(fig) use, respond, interpret, workflexibel
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[ˈflɛksɪblɪ] advin modo flessibile
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References in classic literature ?
He carried close to his leg a narrow unsheathed sword (small, curved, and not like a real weapon) and looked now at the superior officers and now back at the men without losing step, his whole powerful body turning flexibly. It was as if all the powers of his soul were concentrated on passing the commander in the best possible manner, and feeling that he was doing it well he was happy.
Long ago the heap of coins had become too large for the iron pot to hold them, and he had made for them two thick leather bags, which wasted no room in their resting-place, but lent themselves flexibly to every corner.
She already briefed PM Peter Pellegrini at their meeting on November 27.Police ready to respond flexibly"The Border and Alien Police, which is responsible for the controls on external borders with Ukraine, intensively communicate with its partners in Ukrainian territory, with the aim to identify potential security threats," reads the Interior Ministry's statement.
The local authority has reduced staffing levels through a mix of early retirement and voluntary redundancy as it seeks to develop a "more flexibly skilled workforce".
MORE than half of adults want to work more flexibly, such as starting before 9am and finishing earlier, a new study reveals.
The company believes its packaging technology operations must be placed on a different footing to allow it to react flexibly to the specific requirements of the packaging machinery market.
The DOF, in its latest economic bulletin, also maintained that the local currency should be allowed to move flexibly amid several developments in the market, helping sustain economic growth.
In two fifths of businesses surveyed, the majority of staff work flexibly at least some of the time.
Data from a study in adults with treatment-resistant depression showed that flexibly dosed esketamine nasal spray plus a newly initiated oral antidepressant demonstrated a statistically significant, clinically meaningful rapid reduction of depressive symptoms as compared to placebo nasal spray plus a newly initiated oral antidepressant.
General intelligence does not originate from a single brain region or network, and emerging neuroscience evidence suggests that intelligence reflects the ability to flexibly transition between network states, according to the study.
A survey found that almost nine out of 10 full-time staff work flexibly or would like to do so, while one in four would prefer to work part-time.