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1. A curve, turn, or fold, such as a bend in a tubular organ: a flexure of the colon.
2. The act or an instance of bending or flexing; flexion.

flex′ur·al adj.
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There was no statistical change in the tensile or flexural modulus for the 2533, but with the increase of nylon segments in 5533 and 7533, the mechanical properties improved dramatically.
Chemical modifications of kenaf fibers with alkali enhanced the flexural strength and flexural modulus, but did not reduce the water uptake of the kenaf--UPE composites (14).
The Y-TZP has superior mechanical properties when compared with those of other ceramics, (1,2) with flexural strength values near 1000 MPa and fracture toughness up to 80% higher than that of other ceramics.
Culms of Poaceae without regard to their leaf sheaths are studied concerning flexural rigidity, Young's modulus, the relation between bending and torsional stiffness, and with regard to anatomy [2, 6-10].
Flexural strength samples were also measured by using an INSTRON model 3369 Instrument.
Flexural tests of structural supercapacitor are conducted to evaluate the structural performance while charge/discharge tests are conducted to evaluate the electrochemical performance.
Flexural strength is an important parameter in the design of concrete pavement because of its significant impact on the cracking behavior of the pavements.
Owing to the operational mechanism of pressure sensors, the magnitude of the flexural modulus of the substrate directly affects the sensitivity of the pressure sensor.
In this paper, the effects of bonding and reinforcement of ECC on the flexural properties of the composite beam were investigated.
In this paper, the effect of sodium carbonate (N[a.sub.2]C[O.sub.3]) on the flexural and compressive strength of cement mortars containing natural zeolite subjected to high temperatures were examined.
ABSTRACT: The effect of variation on water plaster ratio for two unknown Gypsum plaster were determined and been compared with common Gypsum plaster in terms of its absorptive properties (porosity and water absorption) and flexural strength.
Flexural strength is one of the most significant test to evaluate mechanical performance of dental restorative materials because it combines compression, tension and shear stresses.