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1. A curve, turn, or fold, such as a bend in a tubular organ: a flexure of the colon.
2. The act or an instance of bending or flexing; flexion.

flex′ur·al adj.
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Flexural stiffness is a measure of the resistance of a structure to bending, and torsional stiffness is a measure of the resistance of a structure to twisting (Roark, 1943).
Venkateshwaran et al [8] studied the tensile, flexural, impact and water absorption test were carried out using banana epoxy composite material.
The compressive strength is individual for the structural applications while the flexural strength is specific for the pavement applications [7].
ABSTRACT: The effect of variation on water plaster ratio for two unknown Gypsum plaster were determined and been compared with common Gypsum plaster in terms of its absorptive properties (porosity and water absorption) and flexural strength.
It's important to test the flexural strength of bulk-fill composites to have an idea about their clinical performance in the oral cavity and consequently the durability of the restoration.
Denture fractures are very common, reflecting the fact that both impact strength and flexural strength are barely adequate.
Supply of FQA lab Civil equipments like sieve shaker, Moisturised Lab CBR setup, concrete flexural strength setup, dial gauges etc.
Usually, flexural strength of normal strength concrete members is designed using rectangular stress block parameters.
Kenaf/glass fiber produce a similar flexural strength, flexural modulus, Young's modulus and tensile strength with glass mat thermoplastic (GMT), material used for car bumper manufacturing [10].
Additives have been introduced that are said to improve polyolefin properties such as tensile strength, heat deflection temperature and flexural modulus.