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flick 1

a. A light quick blow, jerk, or touch: a flick of the wrist; gave my horse a flick with the reins.
b. The sound accompanying this motion.
2. A light splash, dash, or daub.
v. flicked, flick·ing, flicks
1. To touch or hit with a light quick blow or fillip: flicked him with his hand.
2. To cause to move with a sudden movement or jerk: The guard flicked the light switch. The bird flicked its tail.
3. To propel or remove with a sudden movement, fillip, or light blow: flicked the lint off the coat.
1. To move in sudden or jerky manner: a horse's mane flicking in the wind.
2. To look through the parts of something by making quick movements with the fingers: flick through a book; flick through a crate of old records.


flick′a·ble adj.

flick 2

n. Slang
A movie.

[Short for flicker.]


[ˈflɪks] npl (= cinema) to go to the flicks → aller au cinoche


pl (inf)Kintopp m (inf); to/at the flicksin den/im Kintopp (inf)


[flɪks] npl the flicks (Brit) (fam) → il cine