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intr.v. flinched, flinch·ing, flinch·es
1. To start or wince involuntarily, as from surprise or pain.
2. To recoil, as from something unpleasant or difficult; shrink.
An act or instance of starting, wincing, or recoiling.

[Obsolete French flenchir, of Germanic origin.]

flinch′er n.
flinch′ing·ly adv.
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Flincher, 49 and a Communication Research Specialist by profession, will directly report to Mr.
Flincher is given full responsibility in improving the firm's IT strategies and aligning them with the existing strategic business objectives of the firm as well as supervising the daily technology operation of the firm.
And because of his extraordinary expertise in communication technology, we are confident that Jameson Flincher is best-fitted for the position as Chief Information Officer as we know he can intelligently create and execute a vision for the entire business and trading infrastructures and systems of FG Solutions International which are significant in the development and enhancement of the firm's increasing business and trading operations worldwide," added Bendell.